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lead generation for estate agents

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I'm really excited that you're here today. I'm guessing your after more conversations with people in your area, who would like to move home? If l'm correct please read on, If not, then please leave this page and l'm sorry to have wasted your precious time. 

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The Lead Generation System:

Be found in the moment of search

Did you know since November 2022 UK Google search for home appraisals are +41%

The chances are your missing out because your website /brand message isn't being found when a person, a mom a dad looks to get a home valuation, essentially giving that opportunity to other agents to take the lead.

digital marketing for estate agents

Digital Marketing using display network for free.

The Google Display network enables you to reach potential vendors on 2 million websites with banner ads. The beauty of these ads is you'll only pay Google when someone clicks on your ad ( P.S you don't for the impression)

Video Ads on 2nd Biggest Search Engine.

With 2 billion monthly users it is where people go to research moving home and get tips and information on various topics like moving and investing.

YouTube Ads are more powerful because they allow you to use Google audiances, so you can get in front of people who have been on Google looking to move home. Enabling you to build connection with local people and become that go to agent in your town.

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lead generation for estate agents
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